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In the latter part of 2018, Mr. Roy J. Thomas, President of R. J. Thomas, President of R. J. Thomas  + Associates (formerly Builders Design Group) who was the initial architect/contractor for our edifice, approached our Pastor, Superintendent Chane P. Smith, Sr., with a proposal to construct a second floor. Unknowingly, this was an unspoken desire of our Pastor who gleefully responded, " My dream is coming true!" Shortly thereafter, Project 2.0 was birthed-plans were drafted and the tedious submittal and approval by the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety was launched!

During January 2019, the project transitioned into its second phase in which the change began to take place before our very own eyes. The foundation on our building was reinforced to support the upcoming additions and the City of Los Angeles permitted us to keep moving forward with our project.  On Sunday, March 15, 2020, our Official Groundbreaking Ceremony was held immediately following our Morning Worship service. This ceremony was conducted by our very own Pastor with City Officials in attendance as well. Lady April stood strong by Pastor Chane's side. At the end of the ceremony, the project was blessed, the dirt was turned, and the work continued.

It was in March of 2020 that the world was hit with the Coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, that would aggressively begin to take the lives of millions across the world. Due to increasing numbers of those affected in this pandemic, we halted the project while awaiting guidelines from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and our government officials. In the interim, our local Councilman, Curren Price authorized Project 2.0 to continue within the CDC guidelines set. Although moving at a much slower, yet safe pace, the work continued. During the beginning of the pandemic, we were still successful in laying the foundation for our upper level and constructing the walls that would surround our kitchenette, classrooms, staircases, special needs access and storage spaces. 

While already facing the challenges presented by COVID-19, the city was hit by a major storm that came from nowhere. It was at this time the roof had been removed. Consequently, the church was flooded with water which presented us with even more unexpected challenges that tried to discourage us in the midst of our progression. During this time, a small group of our membership gathered to soften the impact of the damage by getting to work. Water was cleared from the building and the work continued.


Currently, the church is still undergoing Project 2.0 that has been completely funded by the SMT Church; its constituents and partners. Although Project 2.0 is still in progress, we are grateful that we are getting closer to our finished product. Our property is being modernized, and the church is moving on.


If you would like to partner with us in this project, you may visit our Partnership page and choose any of the methods available. We thank you in advance for all you have given.


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