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On June 9, 1936, Blanche Goward married William Shackelford in St. Louis, Missouri. It was in 1943, they relocated to Oakland, Ca. as Dad Shackelford was employed at the Naval Supply Center, working as a storekeeper in the airplane parts storage department. During this time, Mom Shackelford was employed in Civil Service as a storekeeper, and later, a postal clerk in San Francisco, Ca. 

In November 1949, Elder William and Lady Blanche Shackelford decided to relocate to Southern California. It was at this time, Mom Shackelford embraced a new venture in which she worked as a food service assistant until stricken while on the job.  As a result, Mom Shackelford resigned her position and transitioned from secular employment to solely focus her attention to the work of the Lord, working alongside Dad Shackelford in the church. From that time forth, she devoted her energies and wisdom toward helping Dad Shackelford in the church. Later in 1957, she was presented her Evangelist license by the late, Mother L. O. Hale. Through their joint dedication to the ministry,  the vision of our current edifice came to past.

Dad and Mom Shackelford shared the gift of discernment. While Dad Shackelford could be heard saying, "Satan the Lord rebuke you", Mom Shackelford could be heard calling it as it is. She was a strong support alongside Dad Shackelford until his demise in 1990. Mom Shackelford remained faithful to the ministry as much as her health would allow.  On Thanksgiving Day, 1998, Mom Shackelford joined the church Triumphant.


To this day, the legacy of Dad and Mom Shackelford is alive and well. The vision of our founders is still being pushed and cultivated through the ministry of our current pastor, third in succession, Superintendent Chane P. Smith, Sr. 

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