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The Youth Ministry


The Youth Ministry is  under the direction of Min. Sam and Journey Smith. Our youth share a family-like bond that extends outside the four walls of the church.

This ministry offers an environment that is comfortable for their generation. They teach and equip the youth using biblical principles and relevant practical teachings.

All teens are invited to be a part of this move. You can contact either of the leaders to get your youth connected.

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Sunshine Band


The Sunshine Band is a local auxiliary within our church under the leadership of Antoinette Wooten-Johnson and Carla Hightower.


This great part of our church is responsible for positioning our children to be successful in their christian journey through teaching and interaction.

The Sunshine Band has been a part of our church well over 50 years. The SSB continues to thrive through field trips to various attractions in Southern California, a magnitude of events, programs, and activities. The SSB hosts programs throughout the year to use creativity to guide our children in the truth of the Word of God and life.

The Sunshine Band sits under the umbrella of our Children's Department where Mrs. Kenieshia Jones serves as the Children's Director.


The Shackelford Miracle Temple, affectionately known as SMT, is comprised of many ministries for practical and spiritual growth. No matter your age, ethnicity, marital status, or walk in life, there is room for you. The ministries of our church were set in place to meet the needs of the whole man. We do our very best to ensure that no member is left behind. It is our goal to offer ministries that are both efficient and effective in their approach to not only our congregants, but our community and missions as well.

Children's Department

The Children's Department is a ministry within our church that has been revamped to meet the needs of our children post-pandemic. The Children's Department is led by Mrs. Kenieshia Jones who serves as the Children's Department Director. Currently, the Children's Department is comprised of the SMT Children's Church, which is coordinated by Ms. Reniece Wade and Mrs. Shemica Jenkins, and the SMT Sunshine Band.

The SMT Sunshine Band is coordinated by Mrs. Antoinette Wooten-Johnson and Mrs. Carla Hightower. The SMT Sunshine Band has been a strong arm of the SMT Church for decades.

Department of Women


The Department of Women, under the direction of our First Lady, Lady April Smith, is the largest department within the SMT Church comprised of many women with various experiences and backgrounds in life.


This ministry within our church plays a large role within the lives of women in various places and walks of life. The Department of Women is a strong support to what we do as a local church and welcomes all women in with the love of the Lord.

The Music & Fine Arts Ministry


The Music & Fine Arts Department is a ministry of great demand.

The Music Ministry offers music of many avenues. It is comprised of the Sanctuary Choir, Children's Choir, Youth Choir, Praise Team, and the 2nd Sunday Music Group (Contemporary).

The SMT Band is a big component within the Music Ministry. It consists of musicians that are both professionally trained and anointed. Throughout the years, the SMT Band has been in high demand.

The Fine Arts Department has gained momentum within the church over the last 5 years. They can be found ministering through musicals and stage plays that display the message of Jesus Christ.

Men's Department

The Men's Department is headed by our Deacon Chairman, Deacon Robert Nunley. The Men's Department consists of men ranging from 18 years old up until senior years. The Men's Department has been instrumental in paying it forward by mentoring our young boys, both in the church and in life. In addition, the Men's Department is always there to assist when needed. The Men's Department maintains a strong presence in our day to day operations.

Outreach & Evangelism

The Outreach and Evangelism Department is one of the strongest ministries of the SMT Church. This ministry, under the leadership of Elder Jerome Madison, Sr., is full of members who have a heart for reaching people.


Whether through unorthodox service settings, giving to the less fortunate, street witnessing (S.W.A.T.), or simply availing themselves to pray for all in need. 


If you have a heart for winning souls, this is the ministry for you.

Christian Education Department


The Christian Education Department, affectionately known as CED, is under the leadership of Mrs. Evelyn D. Lynch.


The Christian Education Department consists of Sunday School, Prayer & Bible Band, Word Up Wednesday, Family Enrichment Night, and the SMT Summer Series.


In addition to the many programs, the CED ministry also provides Word Up Scripture Memorization.

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Through the vision of our Pastor, the Membership Care Team was designed to do in-reach within the SMT Church.


This ministry was constructed in a way to ensure no member is left behind. The Membership Care team does it's due diligence to show every member that they are not just a number within the congregation, but we are family.


Whether through a phone call, a post card, email, or text, the membership care team is an extended branch of the Pastor whose focus is the membership of this great church.

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